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Why and How You Should Maximize The Use of Slide Master?

There’re many professionals who’ve never even heard the term “Slide Master”, though it’s something that can save you a lot of time and even act as a lifeline during a crunch time. Let’s delve a little deeper into what it’s all about.


What is the Slide Master?


Put simply, a Slide Master is fundamentally a design template that stores every information about your slide themes, layouts, colors, and fonts, among others. It controls the look of your entire presentation.


Why you need the Slide Master?


There’re too many people, who often strive to make the look of their presentation slides cohesive, by manually visiting each slide to change things like backgrounds or fonts. It isn’t only an extremely time-consuming process but highly cumbersome too. Let’s take a look at the key reasons to use the Slide Master.


 Considering you’ve 45 slides in your presentation, instead of manually going into the slides one-by-one to add a section header or log in each of those 45 slides, all you need to do is add the element in the Slide Master, and your work will be done.


 If you make a change in each and every slide, there’s no guarantee of design consistency, which matters immensely for presentations. With the Slide Master, you just need to add the specifics in it and all the slides will get formatted automatically within a second.


It becomes much easier to build feature-rich presentations with the Slide Master without any need of starting from scratch for every slide.


How to use the Slide Master?


To open the Slide Master, go to the “View” tab and then “Slide Master”.


Colors and Fonts


For any presentation, the first things to be decided on should be the color palette and fonts. This will ensure that for every slide, there’s a set of colors to choose from, and each fresh text box will use the same font. Simply go to “Customize Colors” from “Colors” to select your preferred range of colors that you’ll be using across the slides. You can either create your own set of colors in accordance with your brand or use the default ones offered by PowerPoint.


To set the default fonts throughout the slides, go to “Customize Fonts” from “Fonts”. Here, you can either use some pre-existing fonts or your preferred range of colors.




While it’s okay to stick to the in-built PowerPoint design templates, if you want to make the slides stand out of the pack, the Slide Master has got it covered.


You can either use the in-built ones available in the Slide Master or insert your preferred slide template. It’s wise to delete the layouts you won’t be using in the presentation to streamline the layout selection tab.


The Slide Master works through a hierarchy of sorts. This means if anything in the first slide of a series gets changed, it’ll get reflected in the subsequent layouts. You should remember this when adding logos, watermarks or background images that you want to appear across the slides.


The Slide Master comes equipped with text or image placeholder that allows you to have that text or image at the same place on each slide. Go to “Insert Placeholder” and select your preferred placeholder. This way, you’ll be able to retain the same content in the right place in every slide that your deck contains.


When you’re done with the Slide Master, just click on “Close Master View” to return to the normal mode.


Final Takeaway


Much more can be done with the Slide Master than these fundamental tasks. You can add your company logo, slide number box, create branded header/footer etc to be applied throughout the slides. However, to get the best results, you should meticulously check all the functionalities of the Slide Master before you start using it.

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