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Top Resources for Free PowerPoint Templates

Top Free Powerpoint Templates

Despite the emergence of various presentation software, Microsoft PowerPoint is still, and most likely will be, leading the league in terms of popularity and appeal. Sold as part of Microsoft’s Office suit, PowerPoint is being used by uncountable users across the world to create stunning presentations. The old school staple has always remained a step ahead from its competitors because of various advantages, versatility being the key differentiator. Whether you need to create a simple presentation or want to have a high-end one to be presented in front of a large audience, PowerPoint always comes to your rescue.


Though PowerPoint boasts of a wide range of immaculate features and visual elements, the inbuilt templates may fall short for some users. If you belong to the league of users looking for something beyond the boundary, here’s a quick roundup of 15 great resources that can add that much-needed visual flair to your presentation absolutely for free.


1. Presentation Magazine


No matter if you’re a home user or a business user, PowerPoint templates offered by Presentation Magazine are capable of catering to your needs. There’re thousands of templates together with useful clip arts and backgrounds that can be downloaded. Neatly categorized templates support different versions of PowerPoint, making it one of the greatest free resources across the web. You can also take help of the insightful articles and pieces of advice featured on the site to make your presentations more attractive.


2. Slidehunter


If you want to create an eye-catching business presentation, you should look no further than Slidehunter. Presentation templates are clearly categorized based on industry (like Logistics, Renewable Energy etc) together with custom templates based on verticals (Sale and Marketing, Accounts and Finance etc). Apart from the templates, there’s a wide array of diagrams, charts and vector images that can be downloaded for free to be used in the presentations.


3. SlideModel


The site boasts of an excellent collection of professional templates, ideal for professional presenters. Templates cover a diverse range of professions – from teaching and real estate to tourism – every vertical is perfectly covered. While the site is acclaimed for premium templates, you can greatly benefit from a few slide bundles that are available for free.


4. HiSlide


Templates offered by this site are sure to enchant your consumers with a convincing and stunning result. You can either use the PowerPoint templates to create attractive presentations or you can pick the necessary elements only, if your need is limited to them. All the presentations and elements come ready to be adapted to your preferences and needs. Remember to subscribe on the site to get access to the freebies.


5. PPT Template


This fairly young website boasts of an enviable collection of templates with the perfect combination of both minimalist look and Modern UI outlook. If you want to create a lightweight presentation, PPT Template has to be the way to go. Distributed across a variety of topics together with many for general purposes, these templates are eye-catching, vibrant and glossy. The slides can also be imported in PowerPoint Online, Google Slides, and Keynote, though they’re compatible with prominent versions of MS Office.




One of the oldest websites that offer free PowerPoint templates, FPPT boasts of a huge collection of thousands of templates and themes. From templates designed for categories like education, technology, business, travel, tourism, and law, among others, to general purpose templates – they’ve got everything covered. No matter if you’re a student needing a template for your college presentation, a professional requiring a PowerPoint background, or a businessman looking for impressive slide design, FPPT comes to your rescue.


7. Graphic Panda


The site hosts lots of stunning templates to cater to your presentation needs. Whether you’re a business professional trying to create artistic and professional presentations, or a top executive looking to organize lots of information in a simple yet highly impactful presentation, or trying to secure investments by showcasing your products and/or services through an exciting and convincing presentation, you shouldn’t look beyond Graphic Panda.


8. Smile Templates


One of the key resources available on the web for eye-catching PowerPoint templates, Smile Templates offers hundreds of beautiful templates that cover nearly every situation or category imaginable. Each of the templates comes associated with graphic details to make your presentation more engaging and effective.


9. MedicinePPT


Dedicated to offering medical templates, MedicinePPT boasts of templates that you can use anywhere related to the medical field. While the templates can be used in medicine or hospital presentations, you can also use them for your nursing training, medical education or projects. Templates are neatly distributed across categories like the medical profession, doctors, diseases and conditions, treatments, and health sciences, just to name a few.


10. TemplatesWise


Are you looking for a site that offers a large pool of templates made from abstract graphics, photographs and clip arts to take your pick from? If yes, TemplatesWise has to be your one-stop solution. Templates categories are distributed into finance, business, nature, and travel. Apart from templates, the site holds a comprehensive collection of diagrams, charts, music loops, and icons – all available for free.


11. Kingsoft Office


While the templates offered by this site are pretty basic, it’s their specific categories that helped Kingsoft Office get featured in this list. The sits boasts of some truly uncommon categories like Christmas, New Years, Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving etc that can hardly be found on other sites offering free PowerPoint templates.


12. PresentationLoad


If you don’t want to spend much time, and yet need to create a highly professional looking presentation, PresentationLoad is the place to go. With a limited number of free templates, the site has made its way into this list mainly because the templates come with the perfect professional look. Unlike some sites that heavily offer drab templates, every single template available at PresentationLoad comes with the ability to create absolutely professional presentations.


13. Slide Mart


If you’re trying to create a presentation that would help you attain your branding and marketing goals, you shouldn’t look beyond Slide Mart. Its stylish templates are capable of providing your presentations with that much-desired look, which is immensely crucial for making your brand stand out of the pack.


14. Microsoft Office


If you don’t want to take help from third party companies, but wish to have a solution beyond the offerings from PowerPoint software, you can head straight to Microsoft’s online resources. There’re dozens of different styles and categories of templates with each one capable of enhancing the aesthetic quotient of your presentation, regardless of the occasion. Categories range from Science to Fitness, from Education to Agendas, and everything in between.


Final Note


There’s no lack of free online resources that can offer eye-catching templates, themes, and backgrounds for your PowerPoint presentation. Whether it’s for presenting an innovative project idea to a prospective client or preparing your final semester presentation, these resources have got you all covered. When it comes to PowerPoint presentations, the thing normally missing is the ability to put together every element in a way that speaks for you. These templates do just that, thus helping you move forward in the right direction. They not only let you convey your ideas visually but help you feel more confident too when it comes to impressing the audience and influencing their decisions.

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