Sales Presentation Design


Helping you create a powerful sales presentation.Your follow-up efforts and cold calls have paid off, and you have secured an appointment to visit your prospect in person and deliver a sales presentation. How will you make sure it is a success? Especially, when prospects usually do not like it if someone approaches them with a sales presentation? But products and services are getting sold every day, which means prospects have not stopped listening to sales pitches. It’s just that they have now become more discerning and smarter.


Today, boring sales presentations that aim for the hard sell are dismissed right away. Only an effective sales presentation comprising of the right elements that encourage meaningful interaction can let your prospects become more receptive and open-minded, thus bringing you the intended results. With our sales presentation services, we aim to wow your prospects and help you close deals effectively.


Design Services


We believe that great and strategic design mirrors the quality of your products and/or services. To make your offer get accepted by a prospect, your sales presentation had to be picture perfect in every aspect. Our high-quality design services are created to meet each of your expectations – be it for a special occasion, sales training, or creatively flavored sales presentation to encourage prospects to buy from you – we offer the highest quality designs at really great prices that bring you your desired results.


Content Services


Content rules, and precisely targeted content helps you cover that extra mile. That’s why you need to blend the right dose of targeted content in each of your slides throughout your sales presentation for maximum impact. During our years of experience in developing sales presentations for clients around the globe, we have seen even classic product or service features falling short sometimes. To avoid such things, we offer you the perfect blend of information about your brand and pricing together with the necessary features being highlighted. All you need to do is provide us with your idea and concept to help us construct a relevant, convincing and powerful bunch of words for it. We also offer content consulting where our adept copywriters will provide feedback on your existing content and its structure to make it more compelling.


Why hire us


We will help the prospects picture the benefits


We believe that every successful sales presentation should carry along a statement of the product’s/service’s benefits that the prospect will derive from using it. We always keep this statement short and make sure of its early appearance in a sales presentation. It helps your prospect to see that you understand the problems and emphasize how your products/services can provide the best solution to such problems.


We believe in 10/20/30 rule


We have seen sales presentations that miss the objective of the presentation with too many slides, and an overdose of points with small fonts that leave the audience feeling confused. That is why sales presentations developed by us generally follow 10/20/30 rule to keep the audience engaged, informed and entertained. What the rule stands for is the use of a maximum of 10 slides, spread over 20 minutes that use 30-point fonts.


We push the audience toward the sale


We understand that without the audience taking your intended action, which is increasing your conversion, your sales presentation will most likely experience a big miss. We always include a prominent call to action in the last slide of the presentation. This way, we encourage your audience to call your customer hotline or visit your website to get more information or get a free trial of your product/service.


In short, our sales presentations put your audience at the center of your presentation though. Through our tried, tested and perfected methodology, we always deliver compelling sales presentations, emphasizing the key messages you wish your audience to recall and act upon.


To spark a change in the bottom-line of your business, reach out to us today to get your sales presentation crafted, which packs a punch and brings you the desired results.