PowerPoint Brand Template


Robust custom templates to pack a punch in your presentations. Branding of your business is a time-consuming and often, a tricky task. Whether you need to promote your brand or describe your brand strategy through an extensive marketing campaign, the design process could be elaborate and difficult. With our comprehensive range of PowerPoint brand templates, we aim to make the entire process smoother, easier and faster.


Whether you are looking for user-friendly, functional PowerPoint brand templates for start-up companies, consulting firms, large corporations, or professionals, you will get them all here. You can take your pick from some of our most-ordered brand templates.


Minimal type with muted tones


If you plan to create a captivating design for your brand and yet, keep it simple at the core, this PowerPoint brand template with soft colors in muted tones is exactly what you need. Craft a stunning design for your brand using this template that lets you blend a little magic with a little heart to entice your audience.


Simple palette with bold looks


Those looking for a low-maintenance brand template that looks good from any aspect would find this one ideal. Blending simple elements and imagery while retaining a minimal and flexible feel, this template is the perfect example of what minimalism should be all about – not lack of something, but the ideal blend of certain aspects.


Striking look with vivid colors


Who said PowerPoint brand templates need to be bland and boring? By pairing bold, large, vibrant texts with a powerful image, you can design your presentation that’s ideal for a brand that comes equipped with a strong message. And this template serves just that for you.


High-contrast palettes with geometric elements


If your brand needs a simpler and yet a sharper template, this is for you. With a striking color palette, sharp lines and sleek typefaces, you can have a simple yet sophisticated message that grabs attention right away.


Contrasting colors and elements for a striking effect


If you want to pack a punch in your branding efforts and even have a “shock factor”, this PowerPoint brand template that has a bold brush typeface above some monochromatic images would be ideal for creating that desired striking effect.


We have several other PowerPoint brand templates, which you can use for creating new presentation designs or redesigning your existing presentations to ensure your slides have the necessary polished, professional, and consistent look.


Why hire us


With our PowerPoint brand templates, you can enjoy the following benefits:


  • Suitable for any design needs: From large companies and start-ups to lone entrepreneurs and professional, whatever your design needs are, you will find eye-grabbing templates in our repertoire that meet those needs.
  • Improved productivity and quality: Since our templates are extremely user-friendly, your employees can use them as potent branding tools, regardless of their skill level. Since you can embed all your brand elements in these functional templates and even edit all the elements (from colors and shapes to more), you can create consistent presentations faster every time, without the need of working from scratch. This will save precious time, which in turn would improve internal productivity.
  • Value-added guidance: With our custom guidebook where you will get details and step-by-step instructions on the optimum use of these templates and the proper way to   maintain the integrity of slides, together with any additional help (if you need it) on the templates’ integrated features, you can create powerful presentations easily and quickly, as and when you need them.


Contact us today to create clean and creative presentations to show your brand and business in the right light with our PowerPoint brand templates.