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Many people do not know how to embed a YouTube video in PowerPoint or add it to their PowerPoint presentation. Embedding a YouTube video in PowerPoint can be a very powerful and creative addition to your presentation. It can add a meaningful explanation or simply provide extra insight on the chosen topic or theme. It is used by many to give a better, more meaningful explanation on the presented topic and also to provide additional information which would not have been added to the presentation.


For those who are not familiar with PowerPoint, which I assume is a very small group of people, it is a desktop application created by Microsoft which allows one to create slides based presentations that are used to organize and present the data and information in a pre-determined order.


As one would expect, this is mainly used for presentations and situations where one would need their information organized and presentable. Many students and teachers alike use it for educational purposes as well. This can be powerful and provide a sense of creativity and aid in effective teaching and progressive studying.


Many university-level teachers and lecturers often use PowerPoint as a means of communication and teaching with students. This has proven to be a very effective method of communication and teaching as well.


As for YouTube, I for one cannot imagine a person who has not seen or at least heard of the platform. But, if this rare breed of human does exist, YouTube is the most popular video sharing website in the entire world. Thousands of videos are uploaded to the website hourly providing a seemingly endless supply of video content for one to indulge in.


These range from funny videos, educational videos, and the occasional cat video. On YouTube, a video can be found on almost any topic you can imagine from news to series to even political videos.


You name it and it is bound to be on YouTube. As such many people including students and teachers use YouTube for educational purposes. Whether it is a teacher providing their students with extra information on a particular subject or a student looking to get a more in-depth explanation on the particular subject, this has made it an invaluable asset to both students and teachers alike just like PowerPoint.


With the above information, one could see the huge benefit and advantage embedding a YouTube video in PowerPoint would be. Combining these two powerful tools could create a really good study guide or a rocking presentation that you plan to unleash at your next company meeting. Embedding a YouTube video in PowerPoint thus becomes a skill which every professional person should have regardless of the field they are in.


Teachers and people who regularly present information and data would especially need to know this as it becomes something they would use on a daily basis. The possibilities are literally endless because of the sheer amount of content available on YouTube. With this in mind, let us begin the deceptively simple method of how to embed a YouTube video in PowerPoint.


The first resource one would expect to go to is the official website for Office and PowerPoint, Microsoft. Unsurprisingly, they do have a simple guide on accomplishing this. The tutorial is split up into 2 sections, one section detailing the steps if you know the name of the video you want to embed in PowerPoint and one if you do not know the name of the video you want to embed in PowerPoint. We will be covering them in order.


If you know the name of the video you want to embed in PowerPoint:


1. The first step is to fire up PowerPoint.



2. Then, click on the slide where you intend to add the video. For example, if you would like to embed the YouTube video on the third slide, select that slide.



3. In the top header row, you will see a tab called “INSERT”. Click on this tab



4. Inside this tab, you will find a button that says video. Click on that



5. Once you click on this button, it will give you the option to either embed an online video or a local video that is stored on your PC. We want to select the online video option as all YouTube videos are hosted online.


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