Make your slides more impressive

Are you preparing PowerPoint slides for your next presentation? Hold on. Have a look at these tips and make your slides impressive to look at:

Simplicity is the key: Do you think that the more information you present on your slides, the more impressive it would become? If so, then you are wrong. The slides should be kept as simple as possible. Avoid filling in unnecessary information. That would do no good.

Avoid excessive bullet points and text: The best slides are those that make the minimum use of bullet points and text. Filling in bullets after bullets and excessive text would only add to the monotony of the viewers. So, keep the content as less as possible.

Make use of high-quality graphics: Whenever you make use of graphics make sure that you use only high-quality graphics such as high quality photographs. Photography helps people to connect better with slides at an emotional level.

Usage of appropriate charts: The best way to add data in the slides is using graphs like charts. Graphs like bar graphs or rather charts, pie charts, etc can depict more data using minimum space.

Take care of fonts: Fonts depict very precise information and that is the reason that they should be chosen very carefully. Use the same font set throughout the presentation and use only two complementary sets, say, Arial and Arial bold. Avoid more than two.

Make use of color well: Who doesn’t love colors? Colors evoke feelings and impact the mood. Go for the right color in accordance with the place where you are going to give the presentation. For an example, go for a dark background with light text for a dark room.

Use an audio or video: Opt for an audio or video wherever you can fit in. Usage of an audio or video will evoke more interest and stimulate easy learning. This will make the slide more attractive.

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