About PowerPoint Geek

About PowerPoint Geek

About PowerPoint Geek

PowerPoint Geek is a reputed PowerPoint presentation designing company that is involved in the designing of your presentations which remain unbeatable. The quality of work delivered is excellent and the efforts we put in bear fruits with the customers leaving with a big smile.

At PowerPoint Geek we realize that preparing a presentation on time for a big project is not easy. The task requires complete dedication and consumes a great amount of time as well. We can ease this task of yours by preparing your presentation that will comprise all the elements of a professional presentation. Our team of designers is proficient in this task and can frame out the best presentation for you. We promise that your presentation will leave a long-lasting impression on the minds of the viewers. Our presentations are all customized as well so that you can get them prepared as per your will. The results would be a presentation that gets best aligned with your company and conveys your message to the clients accurately.

Our Story

PowerPoint Geek has a simple but solid foundation. Born out of years of training at some of the most demanding firms in the world, our founders started PPG after realizing that the work that they were doing and the passion they were doing it with were better served if that were the only work they were doing.

Our Mission

Our mission is very simple, as the best ones are. It is to bring the highest levels of design practice and discipline to our client's presentations so that they are represented in the best, most persuasive way possible.

Our Vision

Is to see the full power of a PowerPoint presentation brought to the forefront of every presentation, every time.

Our Clients

Need us. Are important. Like us. Are growing. Become our friends. Are the backbone of our firm.

Design Process

Our design process is quite simple and involves the following simple steps.

Submit your order

The first step involves receiving the order from our esteemed clients.


Next step is the analysis of the order to check out what all needs to be done.

Order Approval

After that comes the turn of the order to get approved if it can be worked upon.

Start and Finished

The designing team starts with the task of giving a professional look to your presentation.

Delivery & Payment

Once the work gets completed, the order is dispatched and the payment is collected.

Case Study

Case study gives an accurate description and is a true reflection of your work.We, at PowerPoint Geek work on
creating the best ever case studies of the finest quality.

Our expertise in case study

We are those expert designers who can handle the task of crafting or rather designing the case study really well. The expert team members who are involved in the task of case study designing are aware of the very minute steps involved in case study designing and at the end emerge with the most notable and outstanding piece of work.

You would be really impressed and amazed at the quality of work we deliver, all thanks to our dedication involved and the experience that can be counted since years bygone. Yes. That’s true. Our expert team members or rather call them designers have a rich experience and therefore have the complete knowledge of the task that they perform by remaining updated with the latest trends in their task.

Why work with PowerPoint Geek?

We will just mention five main convincing reasons for you to connect with us.

Expert custom designing and development

The presentations are designed keeping in mind your requirements and brand.

Transparency in all stages

There is absolute transparency in all stages of presentation development.

Time bound results

We perform tasks within the given time constraints and avoid any delays.

Team of Professionals

Our expert team members are most efficient, knowledgeable and well-experienced.

Free technical support all year round

Once you get in touch with us, be ready for free technical support all year round.

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